A Pre-Smoke Smoke Alarm for the Kitchen

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

A few years ago I decided to season my new wok. It was early in the morning, but still after my husband had left for work and before I had taken the dog for our morning adventure around the neighborhood.

My wok was happily seasoning away in the oven — or so I thought. Suddenly, the integrated home smoke alarm went off with more force than a tornado siren, and I had firemen at my door. (Did I mention I was still in my PJs?)

Too bad I didn’t have one of these little birds; it would have saved me serious embarrassment that day.

This funny little bird is designed to give you a loud tweet and chirp when things get a little too hot in the kitchen. Think of it as your security system before the major alarms go off and you have to open windows and bust out the towels to fan the ceiling.

We talked about it many years ago over at Apartment Therapy, but since then it has been winning Dutch design awards and receiving extreme praise from insurance companies across the globe (and lowering rates!). Plus, the battery lasts a year and a half — sweet!

Although it’s easy to think that this is superfluous, it might be great in a home with children who are learning the ropes in the kitchen — or for anyone with a built-in building smoke detector that might wake up the neighbors. It’s pretty cute and sometimes it would be nice to know you made a mistake (like my great disaster mentioned above), before your entire oven goes up in flames.

Find it: Smoke Detector Chick-a-Dee, $70USD at design3000

(Image: design3000)