A Plain Gray Mat for the Kitchen Door

My husband and I are finally whipping our back yard into shape, and preparing for a future of gardening in what used to be a sad, lumpy patch of earth. It’s very exciting, and very messy. Given that our kitchen opens right out into the yard, I’ve been on the hunt for a better mat for the back door.

(Image credit: Schoolhouse Electric)

This one caught my eye, as Schoolhouse Electric claims that dirt falls right through it.

Each rug is handwoven in the U.S. from a long-lasting polylolefin yarn that’s practically indestructible. The special weave allows dirt to fall right through rather than sitting on top, making it easy to shake out and rinse off. Perfect for indoor and outdoor use, this rug repels water, dries quickly, and is UV-stabilized for a finish that won’t fade in the sun.

Sounds pretty good! I like its simple charcoal coloring too.

Do you have a kitchen that opens out on a yard or garden? How do you keep the mud and dirt outside rather than tracked right in?