A Peek Inside Ruth Reichl’s Kitchen

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

What has Ruth Reichl been up to since the demise of Gourmet? The Wall Street Journal caught up with the former editor-in-chief in the kitchen of her small country home, where she has been busy working on a novel, a cookbook and a new memoir.

Read on to learn about her surprising pie-making technique, the best feature of her new kitchen, and the one ingredient she finds overrated.

When her second home was built a few years ago, Reichl helped design the kitchen, purposely making it open to the rest of the house, so she can talk to guests while cooking, but not huge, so her stove, sink and under-counter refrigerator drawers are all in arm’s reach. Her favorite feature is the green marble countertops, which she uses for rolling out pie dough and has managed to keep stain-free and beautiful for five years.

There are many fun tidbits for Ruth fans in this interview, like the surprising news that she hates honey, which she calls “a bully.” But even more interesting is her approach to making pies; she never uses a recipe and makes the dough by hand, which adds a bit of suspense to the process.

“I don’t know what measurements I use, it’s very haphazard, but I can feel it when it’s right. I like that idea, that sometimes you get a leaker, you know?”

It’s a nice reminder: pies, like life, can’t always be perfect.

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(Image: Wall Street Journal)