A New Technology Could Stop Avocados from Turning Brown; An Olympic Opening Ceremony Drinking Game

(Image credit: Naturo)
  • Opening a perfectly ripe avocado feels like a gift. Having the second half turn quickly after, however, feels like a scam. But now there might be a solution. A new technology called Natavo Zero — also nicknamed “The Avocado Time Machine” — will help keep cut avocado from turning brown for up to 10 days. Your future guacamole will thank you.
  • Last week President Obama signed a controversial GMO bill into law. Now most food products will have to disclose if they include genetically modified organisms. Is it possible to view this disclosure as less of a “warning” and more as an attribute? Soylent embraces their GMO label, so why can’t others?
  • This cartoon from The New Yorker is too real.
  • The Olympic games kick off tomorrow with the opening ceremony. While it’s definitely something enjoyable to watch, it’s also very long. Why not make a game out of it with the help of this handy drinking game?
  • These stop-motion videos use paper instead of food to create beautiful “meals.” I think my favorite has to be the banana split video.