A Muffin Tin Is the Key to Long-Lasting Chilled Pitcher Drinks

published Jun 11, 2015
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(Image credit: Kelli Foster)

Summer is rolling in, and with it comes a steady flow of refreshing pitcher drinks. Whether you go for flavored water, lemonade, iced tea, or your favorite cocktail, the key is keeping your favorite drink chilled.

And the trick to longer-lasting ice lies in one simple baking tool: muffin tins.

The small cubes made in your freezer’s ice maker or plastic trays are fine for filling glasses, but they just won’t cut when it comes to pitcher drinks. The problem with small ice cubes is they melt way too fast in a large pitcher. So your drink gets watered down and it doesn’t stay cold.

Instead what you need are large cubes of ice that can go the distance, and keep your drinks chilled longer. As a rule of thumb, the size of the ice cubes should match the size of what the drink is being served in.

(Image credit: Kelli Foster)

The Best Tool for Pitcher Ice: Muffin Tins

Before making your next pitcher drink, reach for a muffin tin (or two). Yes, that’s right — a muffin tin. It’s not just for baking. Muffin tins are the ideal size to make large, long-lasting ice cubes to keep pitcher drinks cool.

Fill the cups with plain water or make the ice more fun by adding sliced lemon or small pieces of fruit. Then, to release the cubes, just run the bottom of the muffin tin under hot water for about 30 seconds.

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