Neat Idea: Use a Bar Cart To Store Pretty Dishes & Kitchen Odds and Ends

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Bar carts made a big comeback in recent years as people took to keeping their liquor out in the open. But if that’s not your thing, here’s another use for them: a mobile storage place for dishes and kitchen tools!

This storage set-up (spotted at Decor8) belongs to Verena Stummer, owner of the small Viennese cooking brand, “Schön und gut“, in Vienna, Austria. Her kitchen is tiny and open to the dining and living room, and this cart serves as a way to blend the rooms together.

Pretty white dishes, clear glass vases, select books, and kitchen tools all find a home on the cart, but Stummer manages to make it look polished, and not messy. Job well done!

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(Image: Gregor Hofbauer via Decor8)