A Modern Snack Manifesto (with 5 Smart Recipes for Better Snacking)

A Modern Snack Manifesto (with 5 Smart Recipes for Better Snacking)

Kelli Foster
Jul 30, 2016
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Snacking doesn't have to mean raiding the chip stash in the office kitchen or making a beeline for the vending machine, or even pulling a cheese stick or piece of fruit from the fridge. Those aforementioned options are not bad choices — we've simply taken a different, more modern view on snacking; one that embraces a love for whole-food snacking, puts effort into planning and prep, adds playful twists to classic favorites, and leans on fast, functional foods.

Ready to take on better snacking? Get started with these five smart snack recipes.

(Image credit: Brie Passano)

Why a Snack Manifesto

Because we're going to take a bit of a stance here on how we think snacking should go. It's nothing revolutionary, and we imagine you might feel similarly about a lot of it. Take a look and let us know if you agree.

1. We Believe in Prepping Snacks, Just Like Meals

If snacks are a regular part of your day, the best way to guarantee a satisfying success is to be prepared. Plan and prep for snack time, just as you do for meals. When you put in a little work up front, you can reap the sweet rewards for days to come. Rejoice in snacks like bacon-date energy bites and no-bake peanut butter protein cookies, which can be made ahead and, when stored in the refrigerator, last for up to two weeks.

2. We Believe Whole Foods Make the Best Snacks

Whether we're reaching for a snack post-workout or any other time of day, we want snacks made with whole foods. This can mean energy balls blended together with ingredients like plantains and coconut, or adding beans to blondies for a snack with more substance. Not only are whole foods more satisfying, but they also make us feel good about snacking.

(Image credit: Brie Passano)

3. We Believe in Snacks That Surprise with Veggies

If you're a carb lover with a soft spot for salty, crunchy snacks, there's no doubt that crackers are on your radar. And our favorite way to upgrade homemade cheddar crackers is with the help of frozen broccoli. And we know that chickpeas are legumes and not truly veggies, but we like to think they're on the same playing field, so adding them to a sweet treat is certainly something to feel good about too.

4. We Believe Snacks Should Be Fast and Functional

Homemade is not synonymous with fussy. The very best homemade snacks come together quickly, sometimes without cooking, and they're the kind of snacks you eat with a purpose — like leaning on plantain and coconut power balls or bacon-date paleo bites as a pre-workout pick-me-up, or slipping a few no-bake peanut butter protein cookies in your work bag for the long commute home.

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