A Mad Libs Game for Every Food Blog Commenter

published Jul 30, 2015
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If you have been reading food blogs for any amount of time, you know there are certain types of comments that pop up again and again on nearly every food blog out there. We decided to have a little fun and turn these comments into a Mad Libs-style game that any food blog lover will appreciate. Recruit a fellow food blog reader to fill in the blanks and let the wackiness ensue!

The Anthropologist

This is not authentic [name of food]! I lived in [name of country] for [number][unit of time] and I can tell you NO ONE puts [common ingredient] in their [name of food].

The Happy Substitutionist

I loved this! I made it as written, except that I used [spice] instead of [grain], [type of beverage] instead of [vegetable] and baked it for [number over 50] additional minutes. It was a little hard, but my [type of household pet] and I loved it!

The Angry Substitutionist

I’m sorry to say this wasn’t very good. It looked like the stuff I clean off the bottom of my [name of kitchen appliance] and tasted like burned [something you would find in an alleyway]. I did use [smoothie ingredient] instead of [cupcake ingredient] and baked it at [number over 500]°F for half the time because I was in a hurry. What a waste of [really expensive ingredient]!

The Optimistic Substitutionist

Is there anything I can use instead of [main ingredient]?

The Self-Promoter

Love this, [term of endearment]! You always post such [adjective used to describe a kitten] recipes! Please check out my site! www.[foreign word for girl]eats[type of small dessert].com

The Succinct Cynic

That looks [adjective used to describe a desert].

The Succinct Supporter

[Catchphrase used by a Food Network personality]!

The Know-It-All

No, no, no! This is not how you [cooking verb] [baking ingredient]. The ONLY way to do it is with a [kitchen tool you use once a year] and your [body part]. Your method is just wrong.

The Wet Blanket

Just so you know, [type of food you might avoid on a “detox” diet] causes [type of chronic disease]. You really shouldn’t eat this.

The Hopeful Host

If I don’t have any [main ingredient] on hand, so can I use crushed [name brand snack product] mixed with [type of cooking fat] instead? Also I don’t own a [type of basic kitchen equipment], so will a [type of power tool] work instead? Please get back to me quickly, as my guests are arriving in [number under 20] minutes.

Did we miss anything? Feel free to add your own Mad Libs in the comments!