A Lunch of One's Own
Anne Wolfe Postic
Oct 10, 2013

Day 9 Task: Cook yourself a meal

I could have interpreted this task to include my whole family. But I cook for them every night and I wanted to make this meal special. Also? I wanted filet mignon, and who can afford to buy five of those? Not I, said this little red hen. So, on a quiet weekday morning, I skipped breakfast and planned my brunch.

I had everything I needed but the steak. If I had the audacity to leave a steak in the fridge unattended, someone would make it as an afternoon snack before I could say, "Where's that steak?" Instead of driving to get the steak, I walked. The sun was shining and the walk takes less than ten minutes. Also, I needed to work up an appetite for the steak.

Grass-fed, antibiotic-free filet in hand — or rather, in reusable grocery bag — I walked home with a smile on my face. Back in my kitchen, I easily removed my grill pan from the organized drawer where I now keep it and heated it on the stove with a little butter.

I already had fresh spinach and a hunk of outstanding Happy Cow Creamery blue cheese. I wilted the spinach, the cheese melting as I went, turning it the pan with my new tongs, so much easier and less messy than two forks.

I rolled my steak in Beautiful Briny Sea truffle salt, then seared it in the grill pan, leaving it nice and rare, just like I like it. After setting the table, including a bottle of water for refills and a book to read, I sat down to eat.

That was one fine steak, and I loved every bite. Parenting has been stressing me out a little (okay, a lot) lately, and I loved the opportunity to escape into my book over a great meal. As much as I enjoy good table conversation, a solo lunch is always a pleasure.

I wasn't ready for it to end. The novel I was reading made me cry, in a good not-about-me way, and I needed just a little more time. I remembered the delicious salted caramel macaroons in the fridge and, instead of shoving one in my mouth, put one on a little plate and sat back down at the table. Heaven!

The whole process took just over an hour. As a freelancer, I don't usually give myself a lunch break. My fun lunches are usually work-related meetings and I eat my other mid-day meals at a desk or on the go. This was a nice reminder that I should take that time and really enjoy lunch, at least once or twice a week.

What did you cook for yourself? Did you hide and eat it in peace or did you share?

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