A Low-Fat Avocado Now Exists, but Who Was Asking for It?

(Image credit: Dana Velden)

Avocados are pure food magic. They’re delicious and buttery and can be eaten at every single meal. They’re excellent in everything from smoothies to sushi rolls. You can even pickle them! And they’re full of monounsaturated fat, which is the “good fat” credited with lowering levels of bad cholesterol and reducing a person’s risk of heart disease.

Now a new, low-fat avocado has been developed to improve upon what already seemed like a perfect food, but was anybody really looking for a low-fat avocado?

(Image credit: Fruitnet)

According to Fruitnet, the new “Avocado Light” was developed for the Spanish market to let people continue to eat tons of avocado without unintentionally consuming too much fat and calories.

The USDA recommends that a 2,000-calorie diet include a maximum of 65 grams of fat (and that includes the good kind). A medium avocado has about 250 calories and around 23 grams of fat. Avocados are still very healthy, but apparently we’re not supposed to be eating a whole avocado or more every day.

According to the California Avocado Commission, last summer the FDA raised the serving size of an avocado to one third of a medium-sized fruit. Before that, a serving was a measly fifth of an avocado. Who can eat just a fifth of an avocado? Even a third of an avocado seems insufficient. Most toddlers I know eat more avocado than that. A third of an avocado is barely enough for a decent avocado toast.

(Image credit: Quentin Bacon)

The new Avocado Light is designed to let people eat avocado more often without accidentally eating too many. It is an “exclusive variety grown in Latin America under specific climatic and soil conditions” that give it all the nutritional benefits of a regular avocado, but with 30 percent less fat, according to Fruitnet. That would give a whole avocado approximately 16 grams of fat (still the good kind). That would give a person a little more room for avocado in their diet — and I will sign on for anything that lets me eat more avocados.

The Avocado Light debuts in Madrid later this month, and its nutritional claims have reportedly been independently verified by laboratories. It has been approved by the Spanish Heart Foundation’s Food Health Programme as a reduced-fat product.

There’s no word on whether or not Avocado Light will be coming to the U.S. soon, but avocado consumption is booming over here. Hopefully we’ll be getting to try these ourselves as soon as possible.

Would you try a low-fat avocado?