A Love Song for Japan: Tales from High Mountain e-Book

published Sep 12, 2011
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When Japan was struck with a devastating earthquake/tsunsmi earlier this year, food blogger Tara Austen Weaver was filled with the desire to write about her time spent there. The result is her new e-book, Tales from High Mountain, an intimate story of when she lived in a mountain village in Japan as a young woman fresh out of college. She is making it available, at a very affordable price of $3.99, as a fundraiser for Japan which is still in need of help, despite the fact that it no longer makes the headlines.

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Tara writes with a deep love and understanding of Japan, the many people she met and the food she tasted. Tales from a High Mountain is just a small sliver of her five years there, focusing on her first months in her mountain village. She will continue the story if there is interest.

From Tara’s blog Tea & Cookies:

Along with raising money, I’m hoping this little book takes you into a world you’d never know about otherwise. A world of deep traditions, ritual, and reverence for family. It might help you understand why relocation from the earthquake zone is so traumatic (home has a very different meaning in Japan). And it will feed you too, because I’ve included ten of my favorite Japanese food recipes. I’ve tried to give you the flavor of my Japanese home.

For more information about Tales from a High Mountain, visit these entries from Tara’s blog:
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Tara Austen Weaver’s blog Tea & Cookies is well-loved here at The Kitchn. She’s an early food blog pioneer (she started her blog in 2006) and unlike many others, she is still going strong today. Tara writes with a thoughtful yet passionate voice about things she deeply believes in: cooking for people she loves, gardening, travel, friends and family.

Note: Look for a recipe from Takes from a High Mountain posted here later in the week!

Get It: You can order Tales from a High Mountain for $3.99 through e-junkie. The pdf includes ten recipes and photos of Japan. You can also order it for your Kindle from Amazon, but be aware that Amazon will take 30% of the sale and won’t support the photographs.

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