A Love Affair with Parsley: Why I Buy a Bunch Every Week

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

I use Italian parsley almost daily, tossing it into everything from salads to omelettes. When did this begin? To be honest, when I first read Tamar Adler’s book, An Everlasting Meal, she praises the green herb and discusses how you should pick up a bunch whenever you’re at the store, wash it and chop it so it’s ready to go. I started doing this and was surprised at how often it came in handy in the kitchen.

Parsley often gets relegated to garnish status, sprinkled onto party appetizers or plated restaurant dishes. But when used more substantially at home, parsley adds color, flavor and even a little punch of nutrition. If you’re new to parsley, here are a few of my favorite ways to use it:

Ways To Use Parsley

  • Fold into soft-scrambled eggs.
  • Toss into your favorite green salad.
  • Mix into warm pastas or grain dishes.
  • Puree a big handful into your next batch of pesto.
  • Smash a few pinches into cream cheese for an herbaceous bagel spread.
  • Scatter a bunch of chopped parsley into your next bowl of coleslaw (this is my boyfriend’s party trick, and it’s quite delicious).
  • If your parsley starts to wilt a bit, simply stir it into your next batch of soup or stew. 

(Image: Flickr member Kelli Mari licensed for use under Creative Commons)