Thanksgiving at The White House: The First Family’s Food Requests Throughout History

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

This year Thanksgiving in the country’s most famous house will be based around a familiar theme: tradition. Even presidents wants the good ol’ standards at Thanksgiving! But beyond the turkey, stuffing, and pies, there are interesting things to be gleaned from history’s presidential Thanksgiving menus.

According to The Washington Post, the Obamas will have a Kale and Fennel salad on the menu this Thanksgiving, and not one but six pies, including pumpkin, the President’s favorite. (This version will be jazzed up with acorn squash, though, “to give it a dash of color and complexity,” according to William Yosses, the White House executive pastry chef.)

To put this menu in historical context, consider that in the 1930’s Franklin Delano Roosevelt feasted on oyster stew and brown sausages, while in 1946 Harry Truman started the meal with clear bouillon and curled celery (!). In addition to turkey, William Howard Taft ordered Georgia possums on the table, “each with a potato stuffed in its mouth.” The Reagan Thanksgiving menu always included monkey bread, a Reagan family favorite, while the Clintons asked for a black cherry and Coca-Cola Jell-o mold made with canned black cherries.

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(Illustration: Rachel Harris for The Washington Post)