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An Ingenious Trick for Making Perfect Nutella-Stuffed Pancakes

published Aug 6, 2015
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Almost anything can be made instantly better by adding Nutella; stuffing it inside a pancake is no exception. These pancakes are the sweet, comforting antidote to any troubles in your life. Want to achieve eternal happiness? Just make a stack of these — ASAP.

Now, there are plenty of recipes out there for “Nutella-stuffed pancakes,” which consist of sandwiching Nutella between two pancakes. But this recipe includes a life-changing trick for getting perfect portions of Nutella into one pancake.

All you have to do is line a sheet pan with parchment paper, dollop on little “disks” of Nutella, then freeze the disks! When you’re ready to make pancakes, pour batter into your frying pan, then quickly place one of the disks on top of the wet batter. Cover the disk with more batter, then proceed as you normally would when making pancakes.

The heat of the cooking process melts the frozen Nutella disks, leaving you with warm, chocolate-hazelnut spread oozing out of your fluffy pancakes. Yeah, that whole thing about eternal happiness? I wasn’t lying.

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