A Lexicon of Cocktail Terms (And a Recipe for a Gin Julep)The New York Times

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We’ve been promoting our own well-stocked inventory of cocktail recipes lately, so this article in today’s Times was right up our alley. It’s a list of terms, some of them as basic as ice, but there are a lot of good tips and recipes tucked in here and there.

We certainly learned a few things reading the story. The first term is Agave Nectar, something we talk about occasionally in vegan recipes but have never thought of as a quick, ready-to-go substitute for homemade simple syrup in cocktails.

There’s also a bit about basil, which we already use and love in our cocktails—like the Rhubarb Basil Cocktail above (left). And they discuss ingredients like ginger, which they use in a Pimms drink (a traditional Pimms Cup is pictured above, right).

The real surprise was about Pimento Dram. Have you ever heard of this stuff? It’s a Jamaican liqueur with allspice that adds a little bite to sweet, fruity drinks so they don’t taste too one-note.

There are a bunch of great recipes in the article, too, from Dale DeGroff’s Whiskey Peach Smash (mentioned under “Peaches”) to several separate recipes that are linked on the side. We’re particularly excited about the Gin Julep and the Thai Basil Bliss, which has pineapple in it. Yum.

Read the article and get the recipes:
Refreshing by Definition, from The New York Times