A Homework Station in the Kitchen

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Generally, when we see homework stations in kitchens, they’re at low desk surfaces squeezed into a corner or way off to the side. Not so in this Madison, WI kitchen remodel. There’s a place to do homework right in the thick of things, without being in the way.

It’s easy to fall in love with this kitchen for its beautiful walnut cabinetry and openness to light and space. But on closer look, we really fell for it because it truly is a family space. There’s plenty of room to prepare a meal while children sit at the counter stools near the fridge and do their homework. There’s even a computer on said countertop, yet it’s tucked into that corner created by the depth of the fridge – a leftover and hard-to-reach place that doesn’t quite work for the cook in the kitchen but is indeed a wonderful spot for a computer screen. Add some casual chalkboard surfaces and the room is complete as meal prep and homework central.

What do you think? Is homework in this close of quarters with the cooking space a help or a hinderance?