A Gorgeous Gray Kitchen (and Billy Ray Cyrus)

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

I just saw something on TV about an interview with Billy Ray Cyrus in the latest GQ magazine. Now, I don’t know the details, but when they flashed the photo that accompanies the piece, I thought only one thing: “Nice kitchen!”.

It turns out that Cyrus speaks quite a bit about his home kitchen in the interview. Guess the heart of the home is just that for almost everyone, with many of life’s experiences and memories taking place there.

What stood out to me about his kitchen? The muted gray paneled cabinets and their bronze ring pulls. I truly do like it. Turns out a site called BuzzFeed noticed the kitchen, too. Namely what’s sitting out on the counters.

Do you like Cyrus’ gorgeous gray kitchen? What about the stuff left sitting out?

(Image: Danielle Levitt/GQ)