A Funfetti Mug Cake Costume for Halloween

(Image credit: Alexis Buryk)

If you have the urge to dress up as a trendy confection this Halloween, go one step beyond the average cupcake to become this Funfetti mug cake. (Because we know you love mug cakes.)

Of course, the mug has to be clear to get the full effect of all those sprinkles, so check out this tutorial for how to create your own lifesize sweet costume using a shower curtain and two feet of plumbing tubing. (Microwave not included.)

(Image credit: Alexis Buryk)

We’re rolling through our series of tongue-in-cheek Halloween costumes for food-lovers (we had so much fun brainstorming these — can you tell??).

All of these costumes are designed to be relatively easy (and not too expensive) to make. None require more than a quick trip to the fabric or hardware store, and some super basic equipment.

How To Make a Funfetti Mug Cake Halloween

What You Need


3-foot x 4-foot foam mattress topper or upholstery foam Clear shower curtain 1 yard white quilt batting, felt, or fleece 2 yards elastic Colored felt, in several colors

2 feet clear flexible plumbing tubing
White plastic headband


Fabric glue
Clear packing tape
Basic sewing supplies


  1. Create the main body of the costume out of foam: Cut the foam with scissors. It should be wide enough to wrap around your body without overlapping and however long you’d like it to be to cover or expose your legs. Glue felt circles all over the foam. (These are the “sprinkles.”)
  2. Line the costume with the shower curtain to create the clear mug: Cut the shower curtain so that it is the exact same height as the foam and about 4 inches longer in length (the wider dimension). The shower curtain should overlap the foam when you wrap it around your body.
  3. Roll up the costume and secure the seam: Roll up the mug cake and secure the shower curtain with packing tape at the seam. Cut one-inch diameter holes through the shower curtain and foam at both spots where the handle will attach to the mug.
  4. Create the mug handle: Poke two holes at each end of the tubing and run elastic through them. Stitch the ends of the elastic securely. The elastic should be long enough to fit around your body firmly
  5. Attach the mug handle to the main costume: Stick the ends of the tubing into the holes you cut.
  6. Make sure it fits you! The inside should look like this. When you step into the costume, the elastic bands will go around your chest and hips.
  7. Create the “frosting” (a shrug or cape for your shoulders): To make the frosting, stitch the white batting into a cone shape. Make sure the small end is still large enough to fit over your head.
  8. Glue “sprinkles” on the frosting of the mug cake: Turn it inside out and glue felt circles all over it.
  9. Make the headband: To make the headband, roll up a 3-inch wide strip of batting. Secure with glue. Stitch or glue the roll onto a headband.
  10. Decorate the headband: Decorate with more felt circles.

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