A Frivolous But Enjoyable Tool to Take With You on Vacation: Really Big Ice Cube Trays

updated May 24, 2019
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(Image credit: Faith Durand)

We’ve been talking travel and food adventures this month, and I’m sharing a few of my favorite things to bring along to a rental house or cabin for better cooking. Last week I showed you my pick for the most important tool to pack. Today’s suggestion, however, is a bit more frivolous.

My tip today probably it really isn’t for everyone; it is for you cocktail nerds and diehard sippers of whiskey on a rock. If you’re headed off on vacation to a rental house (or heck, even a hotel room) have you considered packing an ice cube tray?

I thought of this on my vacation last month, when we rented a cabin in Montana. I don’t know about you, but vacation means at least a wee bit of indulgence and extra relaxation in the evenings. And that, for us at least, means a sip of scotch. I take mine over one big, handsome rock of ice. Our vacation rental, though, was equipped with teeny-tiny ice cube trays that smelled like they had never left the freezer. (Ick.) I kind of missed my big Tovolo king-sized ice cube tray, to be honest.

Sure, it’s not the most essential thing to take on vacation with you. But if you’re the sort of person who already has the knife roll and favorite sauté pan ready to haul off to the lake house, why not make sure your cocktail or evening sip get the right treatment too? It’s just a little grace note for an indulgent vacation (and isn’t that what vacation is supposed to be?).

Ice Cube Trays Pictured Above