A Fresh Take on a Familiar Ingredient: Roasted Snap Peas!

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)
Marge. And in doing so, I often trade with other vendors at the end of the market for what they didn’t sell. It’s the big perk of the market: coming home with fresh raspberries, apricots, kale and — lately— sugar snap peas. I generally snack on the peas on the drive home and as I make dinner, but after coming across this recipe from
Naturally Ella I’ve begun roasting them. This draws out their natural sweetness and takes away a bit of their watery crunch. They’re wonderful in light pasta dishes, whole grain bowls or even as a side dish all on their own. 

I’m hooked. Have you tried roasting sugar snap peas?

Try the Recipe → Roasted Snap Peas and Soba Noodles with Honey Soy Dressing at Naturally Ella

(Images: Naturally Ella)