A Fool-Proof Hack for Serving Perfect Slices of Pie

updated May 1, 2019
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The party problem: That first slice of pie is always a hot mess.

The party trick: Cut a sacrificial sliver for yourself. Then, cut and serve the rest of the pie.

No matter what you do, that first slice is always going to be a crumbly, messy pile of crust and filling. So why not make it a tiny slice and give that one to yourself?

With a skinny sliver (we’re talking a half-inch or so) removed from the pan, you’ll have more room to get your knife (we always suggest a serrated one!) into the pie and really carve out a clean slice.

This way, you get to try a little piece of each pie and you don’t have to give your guests something that looks like it’s already been chewed up.