A Food-Lover’s Guide to Boston Markets, farms, artisans, & best shops for cooks

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)
(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)
City: Boston, MA
Population: 610,000
Local specialties: Seafood, locally-made fruit wines, apples, honey

We’ve been talking about the West coast, and now we’re going all the way east: Boston! Markets, artisans, farms, and groceries: Where do you shop in Boston? What are the must-taste spots for food-loving visitors? If a visitor was going to take home a food souvenir from this city, where would you suggest they buy it?

Foods You Must Try

• Lobster (with melted butter dipping sauce!)
• Clam chowder, especially in a bread bowl
• Berries, stone fruit, and apples – whatever fruits are in season!

Farmers’ Markets

Copley Square Farmers Market – downtown near the Boston Public Library and Newbury Street, Copley Square or Arlington T-Stops
City Hall Farmers Market – downtown near Government Center and Fanueil Hall, Government Center T-Stop
All Boston-Area Farmers Markets

Food Halls

Best Grocery Stores

Specialty Shops of Note

Savenor’s Market – Meat butcher and artisan specialty products
McKinnon’s Meat Market – A large selection of meat at excellent prices
Formaggio Kitchen – Any kind of cheese you can imagine and a wide selection of cured meats
Tealuxe – A fine selection of loose leaf teas – tax free, of course!
Kitchen Arts – Cookware and kitchen gadgets, plus cheap refinished knives

Independent Food Artisans

Flour Bakery – Chef Owner Joanne Chang beat Bobby Flay in a throw down over sticky buns! Try the handmade donuts while you’re there.
Clear Flour Bakery – Specializing in artisan breads.
Taza Chocolate – They hold open houses quite frequently, so check their website to see if there’s one while you’re in town.
Boston Beer Company and Sam Adams Brewery – It’s worth a trek down to Jamaica Plain to tour this historical brewing company – and sample some of the craft beers they’re working on!

About The Kitchn’s Food-Lover’s Guides

We focus mainly on home cooking here at The Kitchn, and we know that one huge source of inspiration is travel. We want to give you ideas for things to eat and places to visit even when you’re away from your home kitchen. We want to inspire your inner chef and introduce you to the best spots for food-lovers in a dozen or so major cities.

These guides don’t deal with restaurants; there are plenty of other resources for that. These are the spots for food-lovers and cooks: the markets, specialty cookshops, and best small-batch artisans. If you’re traveling in one of these cities this summer, we hope these guides help you find something inspiring. And if you live here, maybe you’ll find a new resource to inspire your daily cooking!

We need your help, too, with these guides. Each city’s thread will have at least some recommendations, but of course they will be incomplete. So we need your insider help. Tell us where the best markets, food shops, jam-makers, brewers, butchers, independent groceries, bakery supply stores, and quirky, strange, out-of-the-way food experts are. What are your favorite places to shop, as a cook?

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