Inspiration: Simply Breakfast

Inspiration: Simply Breakfast

Nina Callaway
Mar 18, 2008

A few weeks ago, when a friend sent us a link to Jen Causey's photo blog, Simply Breakfast, we didn't totally understand it.

As the title suggests, each day she posts a photograph of her breakfast. Sure the pictures are beautiful, but there are rarely descriptions, or text of any kind. She almost always uses the same camera angle, and the same table as her set. What could be so interesting about breakfast, day after day? But as we kept reading, we fell in love.

Simply Breakfast

Very occasionally there is a link to a recipe, a crumb tossed to the hungry viewer, but mostly, you're left to your own imagination. What's in that omelet? Is there some kind of jam underneath that cheese? I bet that's a maple pecan muffin.

With such a simple subject, you might think it would cease to be interesting after a while. But each picture artfully tells a different story. With just a few small touches of props or food styling, she brings you into her world. Today may be a quick slice of bread with peanut butter, but tomorrow holds an elaborate omelet, and a stack of letters to mail.

You almost feel like you can tell when she is contemplative, or rushed, or joyful. And each morning, you've got an excuse to take a quiet moment to ponder a beautiful picture and be contemplatively joyful with her.

Perhaps best of all, Simply Breakfast has inspired us to be creative with our own breakfasts. Today we eschewed the delicious but tiresome bowl of yogurt and jam, and instead copied her bread with peanut butter and sliced almonds. Tomorrow we're thinking of trying a baked breakfast casserole, or perhaps some spicy, sticky cinnamon buns.

How are you making breakfast more interesting?

Photos: Jennifer Causey, used with permission

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