A Fair Way to Share Food

A Fair Way to Share Food

Regina Yunghans
Oct 12, 2011

This is pretty sexist and I am stereotyping here, but when I think of most couples sharing food, I generally think of men eating more and women eating less. But I should know better. When I look at my husband and myself, we are so not like that. I eat just as much as him, if not more. This has led to some pretty competitive meal-sharing over the years. Here's a simple system we developed to keep each other honest when it comes to splitting food evenly:

One of us divies up the food. The other gets first dibs on which dish is theirs.

So, say we're splitting a pizza (yes, we eat an entire pizza between the two of us). One of us slices it up as evenly as possible and plates it on two dishes. The other takes a look at the plated dishes and take first dibs on which plate they want. Same goes for ice cream: one scoops it into two bowls. Other chooses their bowl.

It's a perfect system because it's in the "divider's" best interest to make both plates as even as possible. It may sound odd that a loving couple has to have a system for sharing food with each other, but for us big eaters it's a lifesaver!

Do you and your partner (or roommate, sibling, friend) get competitive about sharing food? How do you settle things?

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