A D.C. Row House Kitchen Renovation

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Kitchens are one room of the house that are always evolving. Which leaves them as somewhat of a puzzle when redoing one in an historic home. This kitchen used to be a dark, cramped room in the back of a Washington, D.C. row house. Such was common when the house was built, but today’s kitchens are light, airy, and places where we enjoy lingering. Here’s how a renovation brought this one up-to-date:

The result is a long (18 feet) and slim kitchen with sleek new appliances and concrete countertops. To help blend it in with the rest of the historic home, warm-colored slate floors and equally warming cherry wood cabinetry were used in the material palette.

Translucent pocket doors divide the kitchen from the dining room, acting as a screen and providing a light division between the historic and contemporary spaces. Read more about the project, which was completed by Washington D.C.’s KUBE Architecture, at Residential Architect.