A Crustless Pie We Simply Have to Try

012712-pie2.jpg I’ve always considered a pie of any kind to consist of two things. Crust and filling. So what happens if you leave out the crust? Is it still pie? We’re pretty sure this mouthwatering idea screams yes, and it might be the perfect idea for a little winter baking.

Although I was at first skeptical that a pie without a crust could be true pie, this creation from Gabi at Honest Fare has persuaded me otherwise. Her idea was to create something that held itself together instead of needing the crust to play that role.

Instead of tossing her filling with the usual small amount of cornstarch, she has created a slurry of pureed apples, cornstarch and spices. It’s brushed on over each layer of apples to help keep things snuggled up together when sliced after a trip through the oven.

The top is covered with a thick blueberry sauce, some nuts and you could even add granola. It’s a perfect solution for those with allergies, or someone just looking to try something new. No matter what it’s made my must try list as the grey skies outside seem to be calling me to bake something hot and sweet.

• Get the recipe: A Crustless Pie at Honest Fare

(Image: Honest Fare)