A Correction from The Kitchen (Formerly Known as The Kitchn)

published Apr 1, 2015
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Dear readers,

It has come to our attention that we have made a grievous error. For years we have been working to bring you excellent stories, tips, and recipes, fact-checking and copy-editing to the best of our ability — but all the while missing the glaring error at the very top of our page.

Today, we’d like to issue a correction. The Kitchn should, indeed, be The Kitchen. Here’s a selection of the letters we’ve received on this topic.

I am not sure why it took us so long to read and respond correctly to these letters! We’ve received many over the years and we finally acknowledge that yes, they were right, and we were wrong.

hate bad spelling It is kitchen not kitchn

Excuse me, I couldn’t help but notice that you spelled the word “kitchen” wrong on your logo and your website URL. I think this should be fixed immediatly. I will not tolerate this shit you hear me?

Home page the spelling of kitchen is wrong it is written as kitchn

Listen, Kitch(e)n, have some respect. If you can’t spell your own name correctly, why would I ever trust these recipes you post?

Yes, you are correct. We apologize! And today, this has been noted and corrected.

Thank you to all of you who patiently bore with our oversight and still read and enjoyed the site over the years.

* * *

(Image credit: Henry Chen)

And… April Fool’s, of course!

While we love and are amused by those who have pointed out The Kitchn’s less than orthodox spelling of our favorite room in the house, it is indeed our name and we gently refer you to Flickr and Tumblr as our compatriots in the vowel-challenged name game.

But wait! Why doesn’t The Kitchn have an “e”?

Want the full story? At the very beginning, we chose “The Kitchn” because it was too expensive for our tiny, bootstrapped company to buy “thekitchen.com” or, even worse, “kitchen.com.”

Since then, however, The Kitchn (no e!) has come to represent what we love and believe about cooking. The missing e, for us, represents many things that are best left out of the kitchen:

  • exasperation
  • envy
  • ego
  • embarrassment
  • ennui

Leave out the e and you have the kitchn as we think it should be: cozy, not always stocked to the brim with everything you think you need, but close together and warm. Small is OK, when it comes to the kitchn; just enough is all you need.

You don’t need a huge pantry or every single tool; simple ingredients can carry the day. Just your own two hands and a little circle of warmth are enough to create good food and nourishment for yourself and the people you love. You are enough, when it comes to cooking, and we’re here to open the circle, have fun, offer encouragement, and good ideas for the journey.

The Kitchn is a website and resource that helps people live happier, healthier lives through their kitchens and homes. No e required.

— xoxo from Faith & the rest of The Kitchn team. We are so honored and glad to have you reading and cooking along with us!