A Clever Houseboat Kitchen & How to Cook a Whole Fish Year Ago Lookback

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Lots was happening this time last year! We learned how to cook a whole fish and how to keep iPads out of harm’s way on a peg board. There was also a tour of a houseboat kitchen with some very clever features, our first attempt at making French macarons, and a run-in with pine mouth.

The posts pictured above are in bold below.

What’s a gal to do with when confronted with a gigantic fresh fish and a tiny apartment kitchen?

• Grilled cheese on raisin bread sounds like an excellent afternoon treat.

The secret to this quick weeknight meal is making the falafel mix ahead.

• Ever had pine mouth after eating bad pine nuts? We sympathize.

• An excellent storage solution for out-of-control lids.

Making macarons at home ended up being much easier than we thought!

We’ve been radish fiends this spring, and these slaws are making us very hungry.

• This kitchen is a baker’s paradise.

A handy peg board can help keep your iPad out of the way while you cook.

• Oatmeal is the secret to a super-smooth smoothie.

A kitchen island when you need it!

• Coffee filters come in handy when you forget to bring a plate to the office.

• Looking for an easy appetizer? Check out these asparagus spears wrapped in proscuitto and phyllo.

We can’t get over all the incredible racks for hanging equipment in this houseboat kitchen.