A Classy Mister for Your Indoor Plants

If you live in an apartment but you are looking longingly at your neighbors’ gardens, then a few indoor plants are the answer. Succulents and little pots of herbs like chives are the answer to green thumb jealousy, and this little mister is a pretty way to keep those plants in shape.

(Image credit: Lauren Kodiak)

Some of the nicest kitchens I’ve visited lately have had lots of plants, and it’s inspiring me to add a few easy-care pieces of green to my own space. I’ve recently added a few small succulents to other parts of my house (even I can keep them alive … most of the time!) and I like their interesting spiky shapes a lot.

Some herbs also thrive even in a pot — chives are my favorite and I think the easiest to grow indoors, even in a slightly shaded window.

Keep a little jar of water, or a mister like this one, out somewhere where you can see it all the time so you don’t forget to water. That’s easy with this brass can, which is practically decorative all on its own.

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