A Bright, Bold & Beautiful Beach Kitchen

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

When I first came across this restaurant kitchen I was a moth to the flame for those pink appliances. Once their novelty wore off I was able to focus on the rest of the space that’s just as wonderful. Cabinets, island, color, color, color!

Never having been to Alabama myself, I rely on the wonders of the internet to bring such things to my doorstep. This restaurant kitchen belongs to Lucy Buffet (Yes, Jimmy’s sister) and is a barefoot beach and bar establishment named Lulu’s at Homeport Marina, in Gulf Shores, Alabama.

The scene looks like a glorious place to kick back and relax a bit. The kitchen in particular looks like a dream come true and aside from those appliances there’s so much more to look at. It provides great inspiration when it comes to those cabinets or the colors used on the island. It’s easy to make things look a little country chic, but this spiced up and distressed pastel version is far more appealing right now.

Do you like the look? Would you implement anything from it in your own kitchen? Share your thoughts in the comments below!