A Better Way to Enjoy Your Green Smoothie

(Image credit: Golubka)

Now that Labor Day is behind us and Pumpkin Spice lattes have made their triumphant return, it’s easy to feel like summer is quickly slipping away. But don’t fall for it — we’ve still got until September 22 before autumn officially arrives.

In the meantime, you should eat as many Popsicles as possible — yes, even for breakfast.

These pops have all the makings of a green smoothie, so they’re great for hot, humid mornings when you want to grab something quickly on your way out the door.

All you have to do is blend mango, pineapple, banana, kale (or other leafy greens), water, and maple syrup until smooth, and then pour into Popsicle molds. For extra flavor and visual appeal, you can also drop in sliced fruit like kiwis, peaches, or strawberries.

If you’ve been avoiding green smoothies because you just can’t get on board with guzzling a glass of kale, these pops might just make you a believer.

Get the Recipe: Green Smoothie Pops from Golubka