9 Things We Always Forget on Thanksgiving #facepalm

published Nov 25, 2014
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(Image credit: Pablo Enriquez)
(Image credit: PAM)

We tend to get so focused on the big stuff when prepping for Thanksgiving that little things can fall through the cracks. (After all, picking up peppercorns to refill your pepper grinder is easy to forget; a 22-pound turkey, not so much.) Luckily, we’ve compiled a list of the tiny tasks, one-off gadgets and last-minute ingredients that can slip our minds while we’re preoccupied with comparing casserole and slow cooker recipes and wondering whether our cooler is big enough to hold all that brine. Consider this list insurance against 10 p.m. dashes to the supermarket…

Tops on our list? Parsley, coffee, that elusive potato masher, and PAM. (Image credit: Pablo Enriquez)

Don’t forget:

  1. The potato masher. You might not use this tool the other 11 months of the year, so dig it out from the random drawer it’s stashed in now, before you’re holding a pot full of boiling taters.
  2. Parsley. You’ll use it for everything, from garnishes to salads and finishing touches for casseroles and stuffing.
  3. PAM Cooking Spray and PAM Baking Spray. From casserole dishes and slow cookers to sauce pans and pie plates, there is a boat load of clean-up involved in a Thanksgiving meal. Spray your pots, pans and dishes with PAM before adding ingredients. It leaves *99% less residue than leading brands of margarine or bargain-brand sprays, so dishes turn out great and clean up fast.
  4. Chicken stock. Maybe you forgot to add it to the shopping list. Maybe you forgot to defrost the homemade stuff. (Been there.) Either way, have more handy than you think you’ll need.
  5. Breakfast and Coffee. Remember other meals? Your overnight guests will. Make sure you’re good on coffee and a morning nosh. If you’re making eggs or pancakes, be sure to spray your pans with PAM Cooking Spray before adding ingredients to keep the good stuff from sticking.
  6. Bread. The key ingredient in all-the-leftovers-at-once sandwiches. (We’re partial to the crusty French stuff, if you’re taking requests.)
  7. Food storage containers. Pro tip: Spray your baggies and plastic containers with PAM Cooking Spray to keep leftovers from sticking.
  8. Paper towels. Trust us, you need more.
  9. Tableware. From dusting off the “good” wine glasses to finding your carving set, make sure your dining room is ready for dinner, too.

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*Versus a leading brand of margarine, leading bargain brand of canola-oil cooking spray, and vegetable-oil cooking spray, after baked at 400° F for 30 minutes, cooled, and washed in one regular dishwasher cycle