9 Seasonal Side Dishes for Rosh Hashanah

(Image credit: Emma Christensen)

With Rosh Hashanah around the corner, now is the time to finalize (or, okay, start) your menu planning. Many holiday tables include some combination of chicken soup, brisket, tzimmes, and potato or noodle kugel. This year, enhance the traditional fare with a bevy of seasonal sides that incorporate fall’s best flavors and highlight the holiday’s most symbolic ingredients. Whether you are seeking inspiration for a crunchy salad, a vegetable dish, or an unexpected starch, these nine sides have you covered.

Fall Salads

This colorful salad, which features apples, red cabbage, carrots, and nutty pumpkin seeds, could not be more autumnal if it tried.

Here’s how to take advantage of late summer’s last tomatoes: slice them thin, sprinkle them with fresh basil, mint, and parsley, and dress them up with a Middle Eastern-inspired dressing.

(Image credit: Leah Koenig)

Studded with apple and pomegranate seeds, and drizzled with a dressing that features Brooklyn Sesame’s halva spread, this salad is crisp, tangy, sweet, and perfect for the holiday table.

Autumn Vegetable Sides

Honey-roasted carrots are a staple of Rosh Hashanah. Dress them up with grated orange peel and a sprinkling of sea salt.

This Sephardic Jewish-inspired dish showers crunchy fried cauliflower with fresh lemon juice.

(Image credit: Faith Durand)

Sweet potatoes play perfectly into Rosh Hashanah’s tradition of eating sweet, round foods. Here, rounds of roasted sweet potatoes are slathered in bright green cilantro pesto.

Harvest Grains

Softened barley gets dressed up with golden beets, crumbled feta, and sautéed chard in this fall-friendly side.

From sweet and sour brisket and stuffed cabbage to tzimmes, sweet and savory flavors abound at the Rosh Hashanah table. This dish adds tons of flavor to wild rice with a mix of chopped dates, almonds, mint, and citrus.

Amplify the nutty, Mediterranean grain with softened Concord grapes and a variety of fall greens.