9 Organizing Tricks to Steal from This Baker’s Adorable Kitchen

updated May 1, 2019
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(Image credit: Melanie Rieders)

I stumbled across this pretty pastel baker’s kitchen and couldn’t stop admiring all the smart storage tricks here! Blogger Torie Jayne started her career in the fashion industry, working in New York and then London. She’s now an author, too, as well as a working crafter and photographer. Impressive, right? But the most impressive thing here is her kitchen: This hyper-edited confection creation center isn’t just cute to look at — it’s also full of smart organizing ideas you can easily try out at home.

Here are 10 organizing tricks to steal from Torie Jayne’s oh-so-sweet kitchen.

See more of the space: Kitchen at Torie Jayne

1. Stick to a color scheme.

While this may sound more like a decorating tip than an organizing tip, it’s actually not: If all of your dishes and serving pieces look good together, they’ll look just as good inside your cabinets as they do on your shelves. Plus, this way, you won’t be tempted to buy a bunch of stuff you don’t need. Torie Jayne has a very edited palette of pastel blue, pink, and white, so everything goes together.

2. Turn a windowsill into a shelf.

A windowsill, no matter how narrow, is almost bonus storage space. Torie Jayne keeps canisters and plants on a smaller window ledge. A deeper one is a great place to keep cookbooks.

3. Use your walls.

And by walls, I don’t just mean your physical walls, but also the sides of your cabinets. Any vertical space is fair game. Take a little time to turn that space into a display by mixing in objects like picture frames and decorative hooks and it will look intentionally designed and not like you just ran out of space.

4. Mix open and closed storage.

Torie Jayne has both shelves and cupboards, allowing her to display things that work with her scheme, and presumably hide all the junky ugly stuff the rest of us have in our cabinets. Plus it breaks up the space, making her small kitchen feel more open.

5. Let your handles double as towel bars.

When it comes to cabinet hardware, consider long pulls instead of little knobs. These can be a convenient space to hang dish towels or oven mitts, and can be easier for little hands (or aging ones) to maneuver as well.

6. Opt for clear, glass storage containers.

Again, this works best if you have a consistent scheme like Torie Jayne does, but using right-sized glassware to store everything from flour to sprinkles lets you know what you have on hand at any given moment, and can neatly corral hard-to-store items like cupcake liners or bag clips.

7. Add shelf risers.

They can double (or more!) your shelf space when you have a lot of shorter goodies to store.

8. Use the insides of your cabinet doors.

Inexpensive Command hooks can turn the inside of your cabinet doors into easy storage spots for things like cutting boards, scoopers, measuring cups, sifters, and more.

9. Label everything.

You may think you’ll remember that the cake flour went into the jar with the pink top, but you will not remember — especially as more and more stuff gets stored in your pantry or cabinet. Use labels and use a lot of them!