9 Last-Minute Halloween Costumes You Can Make with a T-Shirt

updated May 24, 2019
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(Image credit: Rachel Joy Barehl)

So, you decided to wait until today to figure out your Halloween costume. Maybe you’ve been busy, or maybe you haven’t found anything that speaks to you. But time is up! That’s why we’ve rounded up the funniest, easiest costumes we could come up with that require just a little more than a T-shirt to make.

1. Instant Pot

The Instant Pot is so hot right now, so why don’t you show your dedication to the multi-cooker and dress up as one for Halloween? All you have to do is print off the “Instant Pot” logo and cut off the “Pot” portion. Then, attach the “Instant” pieces of paper to an old shirt and carry around a mini frying pan with you all night.

(Image credit: Rachel Joy Barehl)

2. Candy Dots

For this costume you need 15 half styrofoam circles that you spray paint in different colors (blue, yellow, magenta.) Then, you hot glue the styrofoam to a white T-shirt.

(Image credit: Rachel Joy Barehl)

3. Fried Egg

Using paper or felt, cut out yellow and white circles to create something that looks like a fried egg. Pin the egg to your shirt! If you want to go as a “deviled egg” just wear some devil horns.

(Image credit: Rachel Joy Barehl)

4. Spaghetti

For this costume, you’ll need a red shirt, brown pom-poms, and a yard or so of 4-inch natural colored bullion upholstering fringe. Start attaching the fringe with hot glue about halfway up the shirt and work upwards so the fringe can lay on top of itself. Wrap part of the fringe around your neck (no need to hot glue here) to create a spaghetti scarf. Then, hot glue the brown pom-poms or “meatballs” around the fringe.

(Image credit: Rachel Joy Barehl)

5. Just Here for the Boos

This is the easiest costume of the bunch. Write “Just Here for the Boos” on a piece of paper and then pin or glue it to your shirt.

(Image credit: Rachel Joy Barehl)

6. Pop-Tart

It got a little cold when we took photos, so we opted for a beige sweater instead of a shirt, but you do you. For this costume you simply attach a blob of pink felt to a beige shirt and then glue little pom-poms to the shirt to make “sprinkles.”

(Image credit: Rachel Joy Barehl)

7. M&Ms

This costume is great for couples or friends. Get a shirt that mimics an M&Ms color, then with white fabric, cut out an “M” in the M&Ms font and attach to your T-shirt.

(Image credit: Rachel Joy Barehl)

8. Starbucks

Pin a bunch of gold stars and one dollar bills to a plain T-shirt. Ta-da! You could also drink a Pumpkin Spice Latte at whatever party you’re going to and nobody would judge you for it.

(Image credit: Rachel Joy Barehl)

9. Hot Sauce

Who needs a “sexy” Halloween costume when you can be hot? Print out and the words “hot” or “fire” and attach them to a brightly colored orange or red shirt. Then get creative and write your favorite cheesy pick up line and attach it to the shirt as well.

Which T-shirt costume is your favorite? Let us know in the comments!