9 Cocktails to Make When It’s Storming Out

updated Jun 20, 2021
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Oh, August. With its temperamental days that alternate between wet blanket and just plain old wet, it may be the month of summer we love the least — or is it? Just because lightning’s flashing, thunder’s cracking, and rain is crashing down, that doesn’t mean the fun has to end. In fact, it may be the perfect excuse to stay inside, put up your feet, and mix up a cocktail.

Here are 9 to try, whether you’re in need of something to warm you up, cool you down, or just help you embrace the stormy weather.

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You’re sticky and hot from the humidity, and the rainstorm isn’t cooling you down fast enough. Whip up a batch of these vodka coolers and you’ll be chillin’ in no time. If you don’t have limequats, substitute limes, kumquats, or any other sour citrus for an equally delightful sip.

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2. Hot Toddy from Holly and Flora

If the unrelenting rain is sending shivers down your spine, warm up with this classic whiskey-based cocktail. Not only is it dead simple to make, but the honey, cloves, and lemon will chase any weather-related sniffles away.

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3. Blood Orange Mezcal Margaritas from Jojotastic

You’ll be so enchanted with the brightness of the blood orange and the smokiness from the mezcal, that you won’t even notice the storm outside.

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4. Dark and Stormy from The Kitchn

Instead of wishing you could be in the sunshine, embrace the situation and opt for the cocktail named after the tumultuous weather outside your window. Purists mix Gosling’s Black Seal rum with Barritt’s ginger beer in a highball glass, but we won’t tell if you use any old rum and ginger beer you happen to have on hand.

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5. Green Pea Rum Cooler from Katie at the Kitchen Door

The weather might be crummy, but it doesn’t mean it has to ruin your mood. English peas muddled with tarragon, cucumbers, lemon, and elderflower rum will remind you of sunnier days.

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6. The Pomegranate Storm from The Kitchn

Maybe you find the dark thunderclouds and slap of the rain against the windows relaxing. If that’s the case, dip into this sweet, mellow cocktail. The pomegranate syrup, strawberries, and rum will only enhance your enjoyment of nature at its wildest, loudest, and wettest.

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7. Pineapple Mint Julep Margarita from Salt & Wind

The tropical pineapple mixed with the zesty mint will whisk you away from your rain-soaked reality and into a breezier state of mind. The tequila helps, too.

(Image credit: The Bojon Gourmet)

8. Hibiscus Ginger Palomas from The Bojon Gourmet

If the rain has you hunkering down for the day, mix up a pitcher of this refreshingly tart and floral cocktail. There are a few extra steps to the recipe, since you need to make the hibiscus ginger grapefruit syrup from scratch, but if you’re at home hiding out, why not go for it? Salt the rims of your glasses for added depth and contrast.

9. The Black Velvet from The Framed Table

Oh dear, it’s literally raining on your parade. Your plans are in shambles and you’re stuck indoors. In this state, pouring a Guinness stout into some champagne perfectly captures your disappointed mood. Hopefully, the Champagne bubbles will lift you out of your storm-induced funk while the smooth stout calms your frayed nerves.