8 Tips To Use At Home From The Guy Fieri Road Show

8 Tips To Use At Home From The Guy Fieri Road Show

Sarah Rae Smith
Dec 8, 2009

Guy Fieri is one of those people that you either love, or hate (while secretly loving). He's been touring round the country like a rock star with his Road Show and we managed to catch last nights gig in Kansas City. It was a serious party, but we still walked away with a few tips that you can put to use in your own kitchen!

For those looking to attend here's a little on how our show went. Although it was a crazy ball of fun that we will never fully admit to loving, as much as we really did, in a public forum such as this, there was a little cooking and cocktails to be had!

The tour opened with Kansas City restaurateur and artist, Stretch. He owns several eateries around town and is responsible for sculpture and metal work seen throughout the city. He broke the crowd in with a little pork schnitzel and warm potato salad. It was then that we realized we should have eaten before attending the show as the warm food smells filled the auditorium.

Next on stage was Hayden Wood from Australia, or Woody as he's more commonly known. He taught the crowd how to mix a proper drink, along with teaching a few men how to shake their groove thang--along with drinks for their wives. He brought the party to life and was rather fascinating to watch. Make sure to check out his website for more tips and tricks when it comes to your home bar. It was also at this point we realized how extremely intoxicated the middle aged adult crowd,along with a few inconspicuous hipsters, really were. (Who knew could move like that in a suit coat and pencil skirt... when you're 55?)

By the time Guy Fieri and his team of chefs (and a DJ) took the stage, the crowd was in full cheer mode and was ready for a good time. Hands were in the air, things were being thrown on stage and we're pretty sure women were crying tears of joy. No... really. It was like a rock and roll party that you didn't leave smelling like sweat and could still hear once you got home. Guy fed the audience 35 gallons of margaritas, shot tshirts into the crowd, brought out friends to play a few songs and even held a singing competition. Along with all the shenanigans, he also cooked a monsterous pork sandwich and some Hong Kong Noodles. Here's what we learned from the events of the night:

Food is Love, Family and Entertainment: The combination of all 3 made for a great night and it was obvious the passion for all of the entertainers and chefs above. They really made everyone feel at home and comfortable.

Alcohol and Stories Cover Anything: It doesn't matter if you burn the holiday ham or spill wine down the front of your shirt—have a good story to tell, or a cocktail to share and no one will know otherwise and the fun will keep on going!

Don't Be So Serious: Food is meant to be fun and it's easy to forget that with recalls, health issues and science often times clouding our judgment. Make sure to smile and live it up, otherwise there's just no point in eating.

Double Up On Ingredients: To save money, pick drinks that use the same types of alcohol to lessen the dollar amount you spend at the liquor store. Not having to beef up your bar all at once can make any get together frugal.

Chicken Stock is your Culinary Switzerland: Totally neutral and good for everyone, use it to add liquid to a dish instead of oil or butter.

Music Makes The Meal: Any dish will come out amazing when you're singing at the top of your lungs and shakin' your hips.

Use Your Knife To Loosen A Lid: This quick tip involves tapping your knife on the back of the blade against the rim of a jar to loosen a stuck lid. It might take a few taps, but it will come free in a snap.

Measure Your Ice: When serving blended ice drinks, fill your cups to the brim with ice and then add to the blender. All that will need to go in is simple syrup and alcohol and you'll have the perfect amount of beverage without leftovers when you're done.

We know the above are probably things many of you already knew, but in a large entertainment setting like this, it was interesting to see how the same rules can still apply in your kitchen at home. So remember, turn up the tunes, have a drink and let the good times roll!

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(Images: Stretch, Guy Fieri, Woody's Liquid Kitchen)

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