8 Surprising Things You Can Clean in the Kitchen with a Steam Cleaner

published Jan 11, 2023
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Credit: Margaret Rajic | Stocksy

TikTok has introduced us to many a cleaning hack, but one of our favorite discoveries has been a surprising kitchen-cleaning tool: It’s a steam cleaner! Most steam cleaner models get up to 212 degrees Fahrenheit — that’s boiling temperature! — which means you can rely on them to both clean and disinfect. Plus, if you use a steam cleaner, you won’t need any other cleaning products! When we tested the popular PurSteam steam cleaner on hardwood floors and blackened grout in the bathroom, all we had to do was fill the tank with water, and that was it.

Curious how a steam cleaner could transform your home? Ahead, eight surprising ways to use one in your kitchen.

1. Your Trash Can 

Garbage cans (and recycling bins!) can quickly accumulate food debris, which means unwelcome germs and unwanted smells. The high pressure of a steam cleaner can knock any stuck-on bits off the inside of the can, making them easier to remove — without scrubbing! — and the heat will stave off any lingering germs. 

Credit: Lucy Hewett

2. Your Stovetop

Cleaning burnt-on messes from your stovetop can be a hassle — unless, that is, you put your steam cleaner to work. Just remove the metal grates and any visible crumbs, then use the steam cleaner to erase stubborn gunk. 

3. Your Oven 

Without strong chemicals, it may be tough to thoroughly clean the inside of your oven. A steam cleaner is a great stand-in for cleaners that make your kitchen smell — and no gloves are required. Remove any loose bits of food from the inside of the oven, and use your steam cleaner to loosen up stuck-on debris. Then, grab a sturdy brush and work the mess away. 

Credit: Cat Meschia

4. Tile and Grout 

Splatters and spills on your backsplash or floor tile are no match for a steam cleaner, which will instantly loosen up stubborn residue so you can wipe away with basically no elbow grease. 

5. Anything Glass

What do your kitchen windows and oven and microwave doors have in common? They’re all super prone to fingerprints and smudges! Grab your steam cleaner and steam up any glass surface that’s seen better days. Then use a microfiber towel to buff and wipe the surface dry.

6. Knobs and Drawer Pulls 

Even if they look clean, your stove knobs are high-touch surfaces, which means they can harbor lots of germs. To prevent cross-contamination, grab your steam cleaner and steam away bacteria from the front and back of the knobs. If you’re feeling motivated, get your cabinet and drawer pulls, too!

7. The Dishwasher

Over time, your dishwasher can accumulate mineral deposits and food debris, which can make it less effective. A steam cleaner is a great way to clean away food from the inside of the appliance, preventing bad smells and helping your dishwasher clean your dishes more effectively. 

8. Inside of Your Refrigerator

Last up on the list: The inside of one of the most important appliances in your home. You can use a steam cleaner to lift any hard-to-remove spills or gunk from your fridge doors, shelves, or drawers — simply steam, wipe away with a rag, and dry. Here’s to a better-smelling fridge and, hopefully, a cleaner-feeling kitchen!