8 Surprising Foods You Can Turn into Jack-o'-Lanterns

8 Surprising Foods You Can Turn into Jack-o'-Lanterns

Ariel Knutson
Oct 5, 2016
(Image credit: One Little Project)

Pumpkins are an obvious choice to carve for Halloween. They are orange, they are stiff (ideal for carving, and lasting longer), and they can be pretty cheap. But it's 2016, and while it might have been cool to do the traditional thing for the last century or so, there are plenty of other foods that you can also carve. Because why not? Maybe we all just need to live a little.

Go ahead and impress your friends by having a food-carving party that doesn't involve pumpkins. These eight foods (like avocados!) are a great place to start.

(Image credit: A Subtle Revelry )

1. Pineapple Jack-o'-Lantern

I particularly like this one because of the funny "hair." There are no directions for how to carve this pineapple (sorry), but I imagine you just carefully cut off the top like you would a pumpkin, hollow out the pineapple, and then cut a creepy face into the skin.

(Image credit: One Little Project)

2. Stuffed Pepper Jack-o'-Lantern

These stuffed peppers are the most adorable thing you can make on Halloween. Just look at them! Look!

(Image credit: Brit + Co)

3. Avocado Jack-o'-Lantern

Yes, you can carve an avocado. This tutorial from Brit + Co makes the avocados look like Día de los Muertos sugar skulls, but I bet you can also make them look like traditional jack-o'-lanterns if you want.

(Image credit: Intimate Weddings)

4. Orange Jack-o'-Lantern

This little cutie is perfect for holding breakfast on the day of Halloween. Look at all that fresh fruit! I bet it would be good with yogurt, too. Maybe even a little bit creepy.

(Image credit: Think Play Today)

5. Apple Jack-o'-Lantern

Apples, compared to pumpkins, are not very big. As a result, it's hard to carve a great face, but don't let that hold you back.

(Image credit: Christopher Johnstone)

6. Turnip Jack-o'-Lantern

How evil do these turnips look? I'm scared!

(Image credit: Woolworths via Youtube)

7. Watermelon Jack-o'-Latern

This carved watermelon is seriously brilliant. There's a whole video that shows you how to get it done, too.

(Image credit: Martha Stewart)

8. Squash Jack-o'-Lantern

Leave it to Martha Stewart to create a jack-o'-lantern out of a butternut squash. I dare say these are way better than the traditional pumpkin.

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