8 Small Appliances for Better Dorm Cooking

published Aug 17, 2015
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You might not have access to a kitchen in your college dorm, but don’t rule out cooking just yet. You’ve got options to save you from the cafeteria and those greasy slices of pizza from that place on the corner.

With a little creativity and the help of some other small appliances, there’s actually a lot you can cook in your dorm room.

Do keep in mind that every school has different rules about appliances that can and cannot be used in dorm rooms. These rules are there for good reason (which is a lot easier to say now than when I was a student), so know that you might not be permitted to have some of the items on this list.

Also, consider buying appliances with an automatic shut-off. They might cost a little more, but it’s worth it for the extra layer of safety.

8 Small Appliances for Easy Dorm Cooking

1. Mini fridge: Some rooms are already equipped with a fridge, and some will rent one to you. If not, buy one — it’s worth every penny. Whether you’re storing the occasional leftovers, filling it with fresh food, or you just want to stock it with beer, you’ll be glad you have it.

2. Microwave: When you don’t have access to a kitchen with an oven or stove, a microwave is the next best thing.

3. Electric kettle: If coffee makers aren’t permitted in your dorm, arm yourself with an electric kettle and a French press. You can also use this to boil water for oatmeal, ramen, and I’ve even heard of some people using it to make hard-boiled eggs.

4. Slow cooker: If you’re serious about cooking in your dorm, and a slow cooker is on the approved list, this appliance is for you. From meals to desserts, there are few things you can’t make in this thing.

5. Rice cooker: This handy appliance, which comes in a range of sizes, can make a lot more than just rice.

6. George Foreman grill: If you want to cook meat, tofu, and something other than steamed veggies in the microwave, this is the way to do it.

7. Coffee maker: When getting up for your early morning class is a struggle, or you need a little boost for a late-night study session, knowing a mug of coffee is at arm’s reach is a good thing. You can also cook things like soup, hard-boiled eggs, oats, chicken, and even a grilled cheese sandwich with a coffee maker.

8. Blender: Okay, so you can’t actually cook anything in a blender, but this is your ticket to smoothies, dips, soups, and if you have a big enough freezer, even homemade ice cream.

What was the most useful small appliance you had in college? Or in hindsight, what do you wish you had?