10 of the Most Ridiculously Expensive Food and Drink Items of All Time

published Jan 14, 2014
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Ah, yes, please pass the bag of $250 golden popcorn! About a week ago, this thread on Imgur popped up showcasing a few of the most expensive items in the world, including some insanely priced food and drink items. Hope you have a taste for gold, because there’s a lot of it in these things.

The prices for these items vary from location and time when they were released. Not all of them are still available to eat (not that, er, you’d ever want to).

1. Berco’s Billion Dollar Popcorn ($250/gallon): There is real gold in this popcorn. REAL GOLD.
2. The Golden Phoenix ($1000): This dessert was made for the opening of Bloomsbury in the Dubai mall. It includes sheets of gold and gold dust.
3. Kopi Luwak ($600/lb or $50/cup) : This coffee is made from beans collected from the droppings of a civet.
4. 230 FIFTH Dog ($2,300): This cognac infused hotdog is topped with caviar and lobster and is about as long as a baseball bat.
5. Antarctic Nail Ale ($800 to $1,815 per bottle 500ml): This beer is made with Antarctic ice. Only 30 bottles were made.

Acqua di Cristallo Tributo a Modigliani ($60,000 per 750 ml): This water is super special, apparently, because it contains spring water from all over the world. The bottle itself is covered in gold, obviously.
7. Almas Caviar ($34,000): According to the Guinness World Records, not only is Almas the most expensive caviar in the world, it’s also the most expensive food. The caviar comes from a rare albino fish that swims in the Caspian sea.
8. Zillion Dollar Lobster Frittata ($1,000): This gorgeous thing contains lots of caviar and lobster.
9. Westin Hotel Bagel ($1000): This bagel is smeared with white truffle cream cheese and gold leaves.
10. Ice Cream Sundae ($1000): The “Golden Oppulence” sundae at Serendipity 3 in New York contains edible leaf gold and top quality ice cream, chocolate, and candied fruit.