8 Ingenious Organizing Ideas for Corner Cabinets

(Image credit: Andre Rothblatt Architecture)

Corner cabinets have to be one of the trickiest areas in a kitchen to figure out. They generally end up having a lot of space, but they aren’t very easy to access since the opening is narrow and the cabinet is deep.

Luckily, there are a whole host of solutions that can help you make the corner cabinet easy to access and organize. Here are eight of our favorites.

  • Wire Shelving – Gilday Renovations: These nesting wire shelves make the most of the corner cabinet, while only requiring one drawer. The only limit is you can’t store anything very tall with this configuration.
  • Blue Drawers – Brilliant SA: Make use of the depth of the corner of your cabinets by installing custom drawers. They might be on the pricey side, but you’ll be sure you’re using all the space.
  • Lazy Susan on the Door – Andre Rothblatt Architecture: We love installing lazy Susan shelves in a corner cabinet, but this setup makes it even easier. By attaching the shelves to the door, they are easy to access just by opening the cabinet.
  • Pot Rack – Childfree Chic: Another favorite solution, this homeowner used the deep cabinet to hang pots and pans, while storing lids on the bottom. It makes everything easy to reach, and keeps the pans free from dust — a big challenge with other pot-hanging systems.
(Image credit: BHG)
  • Traditional Lazy Susan – Better Homes & Gardens: You can’t go wrong with these rotating shelves. They let you reach even the farthest depths of your cabinet with a quick spin.
  • Pull-Out Shelves – Kitchen Studio KC: These shelves might look like misshapen kidney beans, but they fit inside the corner space perfectly, and maximize the amount of storage they provide with their funny shape.
  • Trash & Recycling – The Kitchn: Depending on where your corner cabinet is in your kitchen, it might just be the perfect place for a pull-out trash and recycling system, like this one.
  • Flat-Front Drawers – Donna DuFresne Design: You don’t have to keep the corner defined. Instead you can go with a flat-fronted drawer or cabinet that blunts the corner instead. You’ll still get just as much storage, but it might be a more cost-effective solution.
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