8 Quotes That Accurately Describe Your Feelings About Office Potlucks

8 Quotes That Accurately Describe Your Feelings About Office Potlucks

Sarah Rae Smith
Nov 3, 2017
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In my personal experience, the opinions about office potlucks are pretty black and white: Folks either love them or hate them (and a few in the middle simply tolerate them, as it means a few legitimate minutes to not work). As usual, things with strong feeling result in the best quotes from the internet. I've rounded up a few to make you chuckle as you surf our recipe archives for your go-to holiday potluck dish.

Sorry that my contribution to
the work potluck is store
bought and required
little effort on my

So, you decided to go to the movies last night instead of make those homemade brownies. We've all been there.

Potluck Dinners:
Because nothing pleases
me more than to dirty
up my kitchen, only
to take my food
somewhere else to
eat it.

On the plus side, no one has to see the dirty dishes in the sink and it's assumed that your house is immaculate! Or you could play dirty and make a scary dish that appears to be controversial and then it can go home with you afterward.

Sadly, there will always be those who don't fall into the sharing-is-caring crowd. Potlucks turn lame when feeding others isn't done out of love, but rather obligation. The least Wade from accounting could have done was spring for two bags of chips, am I right?

Nothing gets me in the holiday spirit like awkward office potluck lunches.

If your office has a big staff or you often spend your lunch break away from the building (because the dry cleaning doesn't pick up itself!), getting together with folks you hardly know can be kind of awkward.

When you are
invited to a potluck
and you are asked to
make the mains.

Dessert is the seemingly easy option because it's easy to visualize in portion sizes. But how many people does a potato gratin feed? That's way harder.

Today's a great day to
have a potluck and
wonder if we're all
going to get shigella
poisoning from the
person who didn't
wash their hands.

I just can't even think about it. For real — if I stop to think then I'm done for and will forever starve from the awesome smells and chatter about the best dish!

I mean you just had to try Adam's pumpkin pie bars, and Jessie said she made some special dip that her family won some kind of award for at the county fair, and what about those mini pizza bites!

Sorry I didn't participate 
in the office potluck
but the cleanliness of
your desk has led me 
to seriously question
the cleanliness of your

People who have messy desks are supposed to be "creative" or "smart" or something, right? Maybe that translates well into the kitchen? Maybe?

Do you have strong opinions abouts office potlucks? Leave your thoughts below!

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