7 Ways to Turn a Potato Into Your Best Appetizer Ever

7 Ways to Turn a Potato Into Your Best Appetizer Ever

Faith Durand
Jan 26, 2015

Potatoes — what's not to love? Fluffy, creamy, starchy delicious potatoes. Yes, with butter. And maybe sour cream.

But a baked potato for dinner is just the beginning. Potatoes also make the best appetizers. Don't believe me? Here's what to do.

1. Wrap them in bacon.

This is so obvious as to be laughable. Anything wrapped in bacon is awesome (see: dates) but potatoes are simply the best. (Bonus points for sour cream sauce.)

2. Make potato chips (in the microwave!)

Six minutes, no oil, no frying, and perfect potato chips are yours for the taking. Top with salmon and capers for an easy yet fancy appetizer — or just eat them (bet you can't eat just one).

3. Four little words: Loaded baked potato dip

Loaded baked potatoes? So much better as a dip. OK fine, there are no potatoes in the dip, but with those aforementioned potato chips, you have a loaded baked potato in a bite.

4. Potato salad on a stick.

Make it fancy or keep it simple: potato salad on a skewer is so much easier to eat.

5. Mashed potato bites (with cheese, naturally).

Leftover mashed potatoes aren't a liability. They're an asset. Bake them in mini muffin cups with extra cheese for a hot appetizer everyone goes gaga over.

6. Even their peels taste good.

Yes, you can make baked potato skins (everyone knows that, although did you know you can combine with jalapeño poppers?). But did you know that you can roast the peels alone and they're straight-up, honest-to-goodness delicious?

7. They're better than crackers (and gluten-free).

And just one more: potatoes make a lovely gluten-free base for crostini toppings or sauces. Skip the bread or the crackers; eat a potato instead.

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