7 Ways to Add Gold to Any Birthday Party

(Image credit: Susanna Hopler)

Maybe we’ve been watching too many red-carpet specials (to be fair, it is awards show season), but we can’t get enough sparkly, shiny gold stuff. Gold salad servers? Sure! A gold crock to hold those salad servers? Duh! Gold lettuce? Why isn’t there gold lettuce?

Gold is always fun — and it’s especially fun for birthday festivities. You could show a little restraint with a touch of gold here and touch of gold there. Or you could add all the gold. You can’t really lose either way.

Luckily, there’s no shortage of glitzy party supplies and decorations available. Is your birthday coming up? Go for the gold with these ideas.

  1. Black & Gold Party Cups, $1 each at The Knot Shop: Your drinks deserve an upgrade: Replace those red plastic cups with something more glam — like these metallic dipped ones.
  2. Gold Party Rosettes, $25 at Paper Source: This paper fan kit is one of the easiest ways to decorate a blank wall. Plus, it’ll look great in the background of all your squad pics.
  3. Confetti Balloon, $3 at LovelyPartyBoutique: You can’t have a birthday without balloons. A bunch of these clear guys filled with hand-cut gold confetti will dress up a room.
  4. Gold Glitter Candles, $7.50 for 24 at Meri Meri: All that glitters is gold — especially these mini tapers.
  5. DIY Gold Metallic Craft Party Hat, $1 each at Shindigz: You’re never too old for a party hat! You have to assemble these yourself, but you’re crafty, aren’t you?
  6. Fancy Paper Chain, $10 at My Mind’s Eye: This paper chain is like the ones you used to make as a kid — only the paper is way nicer and the strips are already cut for you. Assemble it and hang it from a mantle or your dessert table.
  7. Gold Cabana Stripe Coaster, $30 for 10 at Grace and Parker: These letterpress coasters are so pretty, people might actually remember to use them.