The 7 Things You’ll Always Find in a Pinterest-Perfect Kitchen

updated May 4, 2022
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(Image credit: Diana Paulson)

How many times do you look at a kitchen on Apartment Therapy or Pinterest and wonder in amazement how these spaces come together? These rooms have a seemingly unattainable set of qualities that make them so, so nice to look at.

You may think it takes loads of money or some sort of inherent decorator’s gene to capture that vibe, but we’re here to happily tell you you’re wrong. This seven-ingredient recipe is all it takes to have an effortlessly stylish kitchen. The best part? No big renovation required!

1. Dashes of Greenery

A good rule of thumb: Plants can go everywhere! Practically any room in your home could benefit from the dose of life plants bring to a space — especially the kitchen. The ideal type depends on how much sun your spot gets, but herbs or a hearty philodendron plant are always a good bet.

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2. Stylish Lighting

You might not realize it, but the kitchen is one of the most versatile places for lighting in your home. The variety of locations (think: over the island, the stove, the kitchen sink, the breakfast table, etc.) means you can work in several different styles, sizes, or finishes to keep things interesting. Skip basic recessed lighting and make a style statement with a bold metallic pendant, a vintage barn light, an industrial chandelier, or anything in between.

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(Image credit: Jennifer Grey Interiors)

3. A Collection of Cutting Boards

I know, I know — some people don’t love the idea of counter clutter, but hear me out. Lining up a few cutting boards (like in the above kitchen by Jennifer Grey Interiors) gives a kitchen that coveted lived-in-but-not-messy look. They’re also a natural accessory for the kitchen, which you can actually use, plus the wood adds a nice, warm texture to an otherwise industrial space. If cutting boards aren’t your thing, try a trio of handmade ceramics or a crock of wooden spoons.

4. An Eye-Catching Rug

You’ve probably seen this trend making the rounds on Pinterest over the past year or so, and we’re happy to see it’s sticking around. A charming patterned runner by the sink or bold area rug under the dining table is a great way to add a touch of color to your space and soften the floor underfoot for cooks and guests alike.

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5. Cool Chairs

If you have a dining or breakfast table in your kitchen, this is another great place to make a style statement. Go super modern with Eames-style seats, or capture that modern farmhouse vibe with high-back black Windsor chairs. Or go for a total mismatched look!

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6. High-Impact Art

We are all about hanging art in the kitchen. Whether you opt for a bold gallery wall or a few poppy pieces throughout the room, there is no wrong answer. Tip: This art doesn’t necessarily have to be food-related. If something speaks to you, just hang it up!

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(Image credit: Stilzitat)

7. Chic Cabinet Hardware

Even the most dated doors can feel fresh when you screw on stylish hardware. Stores like Anthropologie or Rejuvenation always have on-point picks in trendy finishes. Or save some money and go the DIY route by spray painting your existing hardware in a glam bronze or even crafting up some leather pulls, like these from Anastasia, the blogger behind Stilzitat.