7 Things to Bake on Your Pizza Stone That Aren’t Pizza

published Mar 21, 2018
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Pizza stones (or baking steels) are wonderful, industrious tools to have in the kitchen. Yes, they help produce a crispy pizza crust, but that’s just the beginning of what they’re capable of. If you’ve ever dismissed pizza stones as a unitasker, let me show you seven ways you can put that stone to work in your oven.

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Pita bread is traditionally baked in a stone hearth that gets so hot it puffs the dough on contact. If you want pita bread with bigger pockets, try baking it on a preheated pizza stone.

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The pizza stone is incredibly adept at making food crisp and crunchy, which is exactly why it works so well for crackers. Slide the crackers onto the pizza stone on their parchment paper so they are easier to remove all at once.

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Better bread — like the artisanal loafs from the bakery — is possible with help from the pizza stone. To achieve a crisp, crackly crust, spritz the stone with water just after adding the loaf for baking.

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English muffins are best griddle-baked, but if you don’t have a griddle your pizza stone is a pretty fine substitute. Bake at about 400°F to get golden-brown English muffins that are cooked through.

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Oven-baked potato chips or even roasted root vegetables can get crisper and more deeply caramelized when baked on a pizza stone. Avoid setting the plain potatoes on the stone and instead simply set the baking sheet on it so the heat accumulated in the stone with help turn that sheet pan into a blazing-hot surface perfect for crisping. You’re going to want to pay close attention to the food with this method because it will speed up cook times.

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Have you ever needed to make quesadillas for a crowd? The pizza stone is your BFF for this task because you can cook up to four quesadillas at one time on your pizza stone.

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Chocolate chip cookies made on a pizza stone bake up with a crisp bottom and gooey interior that is just a tiny bit superior to all other chocolate chip cookies. Bake the cookies on the stone with parchment paper underneath.

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