7 Splendid Food Projects & Recipes for Longer School Days

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

During the long summer vacaton, sometimes it can seem impossible to get anything done. There’s always a conflict to be resolved or something that needs attention, even if it’s just a bug bite or the fact that Johnny stole Susie’s book and won’t give it back. It can feel as if there is little time left for moms and dads who want to try something new in the kitchen. But now that the kids are back in school — oh the fun that you will have! Here are a few kitchen projects for that extra hour or two in your day. Bonus: They all make great after-school snacks and meals.

During back to school time we usually focus on kid-friendly snacks and meals that can be whipped up in a jiffy. But I’d also like to take a moment and see it as a time of celebration for the parents that have just a little extra time during the day. Here are a few projects to try — without being disturbed! Now obviously if your job takes you away from the home, then your afternoons might still not be as free, but you still have the weekends right? Right!

Pretzels: Don’t forget to check out this extra tutorial on shaping them just right!

Croissants: As a bonus, if you make and eat them all before anyone returns home, no one will know!

Bread, Bread, Bread: Emma gave us these glorious tutorials for all sorts of bread making and they’re a great place to start without any distraction to perfect your baking skills!

Boeuf Bourguignon: Everyone has wanted to feel a little Julia Child come out of their kitchen and this is a great recipe to start with. Plus it sounds neat when you say it.

Chocolate-Dipped Beer Marshmallows: There’s really no explanation needed for these bad boys, there’s really only the need to make them. Right now!

Make Pasta!: Sure you can buy a box from the store, but making your own pasta is just one of those things everyone wants to know they could do, if they really had to!

Homemade Yogurt: This is a great way to stretch a dollar and even more so, get the exact flavors you’ve been craving.

Do you have extra time for cooking now that the kids are back in school? Or has life just gotten a bit busier?