7 Reasons You Should Throw a Pizza Party for Any Birthday

published Mar 2, 2017
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The key to not stressing out about a birthday party is simple: Just serve pizza. There are so many reasons you should serve pizza at your next party — and basically no reasons not to.

1. Everyone likes pizza.

Yes, we realize it’s risky to make a blanket statement like this. But there are so many different options, there’s surely something for everyone — adults and children alike. Even people who don’t like cheese still tend to like pizza (although if they really don’t like it, you can get a pie without cheese). There’s white pizza, meat-lover’s pizza, meat-less pizza, gluten-free pizza — there are so many pizzas!

2. It’s portable.

Unlike other party foods (we’re looking at you, salads and sandwiches!), guests don’t really need to sit at a table in order to eat pizza. They can grab a slice — plate or no plate — and eat it standing in the living room or perched on a couch.

3. It’s not incredibly messy.

If people are going to be eating over your carpet or your couch, you want something that isn’t going be too terribly messy. Pizza is a fairly self-contained food, which means there’s less room for operator error to slop stuff around all over your stuff. Of course, there is grease to contend with, so be sure to have lots of napkins or paper towels on hand.

4. It’s easy to serve.

The pizza place already does the hard work for you when they make and cut each pie into slices. Set out the boxes on your table or a counter and people can reach in and grab a slice. No need for special servers, which you’d have to wash later, or any extra effort on your end.

5. It can save you money.

Feeding a crowd can get expensive, but not when pizza is involved. You can usually get a large pizza for about $15 or less. Plus, there’s almost always a special to be found at your local pizza place. Two pies for $20? Yes, please! A free chef’s salad when you get a two-topping pizza? Duh! When else can you feed 10 adults for $40?

(Image credit: Christine Gallary)

6. You don’t need to place a giant order.

The previous item brings us to our next point. On average, you’ll need three slices per adult and two slices per child. Of course, you can always order up because pizza still tastes great when it’s frozen and reheated or just eaten out of the fridge within the next few days.

7. It can be fancy or not fancy.

A classic cheese pizza will hit the spot for kids’ parties or a low-key birthday. But if you’re looking for something a little more high-end for, say, a milestone birthday, pizza’s still got you covered. There are all sorts of artisanal pizza places these days where you can order things like pears and gorgonzola cheese or arugula and prosciutto. Just keep in mind these options might void point number five.

Have you gotten pizza for a party lately? What kind did you get?