7 Planted Centerpieces for Your Table

(Image credit: Style Me Pretty)

I love having flowers on the table when I’m hosting friends for dinner, but during the summer, the heat makes it so our cut flowers don’t last more than a couple of days before wilting in the heat. That’s why I love planted centerpieces for our summer dinner parties instead. Luckily, we have a plant-filled apartment and can just repurpose a few succulents to serve as table decoration.

If you’re looking for something a little more permanent for your table, here are seven ideas to try out.

  • Long Wooden Planter – Style Me Pretty: A long wooden planter filled with short succulents and moss or air plants is the perfect easy centerpiece for a banquet table.
  • Mini Terrariums – Project Wedding: Group several of these mini terrariums — made in votive holders or stemless wineglasses — together to form a bigger centerpiece, or use them as a runner down the dining table.
  • Mercury Glass Goblet – Style Me Pretty: Look for vintage mercury glass or silver pieces at your local flea market or thrift store to repurpose as planters. Just make sure you choose plants that don’t require much drainage.
  • Aquatic Plants – Martha Stewart: The benefit of these aquatic plant centerpieces is that they are easy to care for and less messy than a traditional planter, especially if you have pets that like to play in your plant pots.
  • Cactus Vases – This Modern Romance: All it takes is a few glass cylinders, a range of cacti, and decorative rocks to create this beautiful arrangement.
  • Wheatgrass – Camille Styles: Not only does wheatgrass look great on your table, but you can trim it off to use in smoothies or juices. And when you want to change it up, you can nestle cut flowers in the grass as well.
  • Herb Garden – Precious Sister: Another edible centerpiece is a container herb garden. You can dress it up a bit for your table by adding a burlap or other fabric wrapping.